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Riding a bike is good for you!

  • Good for your body
  • Good for your mind
  • Good for the environment
  • Good fun
Lake Area Bikes - Pete

Hi, my name is Pete Slaymaker, retired engineer, welcome to Lake Area Bike, where our mission is to:

Lake Area Bike, established Dec. 2020, is a full service bicycle shop that can repair anything that ails your bicycle, and takes our community responsibility very seriously. In addition to keeping your bike operating smoothly and safely, we believe that a business must provide its community value on multiple levels. Existing simply for the sake of wealth accumulation is an outdated, socially irresponsible and unethical approach to business. To that end, we offer refurbished bicycles to children, regardless of socio-economic status, free of charge. Simply come in and visit us, if we don’t have a bike your child wants, we’ll refurbish one for them, or fix their current bike, free of charge. All of our kids bikes are donated by our community and cost, on average, $50 to refurbish. As of Dec. 2021 we have refurbished and given away 95 bicycles. Some donated bikes are destined to be a great bike for a great kid, but some are destined to be parts bikes. We recycle everything possible off our donated bikes, and when there’s nothing left that we can use, we donate the remaining parts to a young family just getting started in a scrap recycling business.

Looking for a bike? We sell refurbished adult bikes too. So, come in and see us, whether you looking to purchase a bike, need your bike repaired or that old familiar bike refurbished, we’ve got you covered and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your bike was professionally cared for and that a portion of the proceeds go to helping a kid have some fun too.

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